Industry Perspective


Our years experience as both advisors and clients of financial advisors have led us to a stance of continually questioning the status quo. See our list of financial service industry problems that we are addressing and/or solving.

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How does your 401(k) and IRA compare to Fidelity's average?

This week, Fidelity Investments released its 401(k) and IRA analysis for the second quarter of 2016. The analysis is based on 14.2 million participants as of June 30, 2016, and offers an interesting glimpse of the “average” 401(k) and IRA.…

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What is a Rotational, Rules-based Investing Strategy?


Rotational investing is a modern-day investment strategy that has gained more and more attention in the last few years. As the name implies, it involves the rotation of a portfolio’s assets over time. In other words, the strategy is the…

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